Vipul Mishra

Feasibility of Taxi-Ambulance Service in the National Capital Territory of Delhi

Ajitesh Gupta

Pavement Design, Variability, Reliability, ME-approach pavement design

Amber Gupta

Traffic Safety Evaluation of Accident Black Spots on Expressways in India

Ashif Hussain

Identification of Hazardous location and corrective measures using iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme) methodology

Manas Adhikari

Estimation of demand for remote parking location and scheduling of shuttle bus service

Mohit Singla

Evaluation of Impact of Traffic Calming Devices in Delhi

Narendra Kumar

Disaggreate Analysis of Accidents in Delhi

Pathan Mansoor Alikhan

Time of the day choice of intercity air travel in India

Prabhash Abhishek

Effect of Pollution on Travel Choice

Pratyush Chaturvedi

Urban Freight Modelling for Sustainability - A Case Study of Delhi

Rajeev Ranjan

Perspective of Paratransit Drivers Towards Electric Rickshaws

Sumit Shokeen

Multi-metric Exposure Assessment of Ultra fine Particulate Matter for Various Modes of Transportation in Darmstadt


Vaibhav Negi

Estimation of driver character and PCE at roundabout

Tanmoy Das

Measuring performance for bus fleet operators

Sunil Kumar

Accessibility and safety of informal stops

Saqib Gulzar

Rheological investigations of nano-modified binders

Mohit Kohli

Sustainable development goals focusing on travel and safety “evaluation and monitoring for small cities”

Manoj Kumar

Intercity freight vehicle characteristics

Amit Kumar

Prediction of air temperature for pavement temperature estimation

Balarko Banerjee

Design of timetable for improved passenger comfort in Delhi metro yellow line

Brusava Kumar Swain

Safety analysis of roundabouts and signalised intersections

Kumar Kautilya

App based taxi and it’s impact in New Delhi


Emission calculation and characteristic analysis of vehicles on national higways in India


Aditya Arya

A Study on Classroom Evacuation Using Experiments and Simulation

Hemant Raj Sharma

Impact of Mix land use on Bus transit accessibility- A case study of Delhi

Irfan Ajaz Qurashi

Study On High Temperature Properties Of Recycled Asphalt Binder Containing Waste Engine Oil

Kirat Kaur Dhanoa

Traffic Safety Assessment of Small Cities: The Cases of Patiala and Rajpura

Manoj Kumar Singh

A Study On Utilization Of Recycled Concrete Sand In Concrete Pavement

Priyanka Jorwal

Passenger Demand Analysis For Sample Routes In Delhi

Raghuveer Singh

Traffic Safety Assessment In Two Small Cities

Ramesh Kumar Sharma

Inter City Freight Vehicle Characteristic

Shimelis Mecha Ababulgu

Level of Service Estimation for Bus Transit Systems

Geeta Shukla Jindal

Safety Assessment of Selected Highways: Case Study – NH-8

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