Research Project

Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport at TRIPP

Geetam Tiwari and Dinesh Mohan

Project Details

In 2009 the Ministry of Urban Development sanctioned a grant-in-aid for the period 2009-2013 for  IITD recognising it as a Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport. The Centre aims at developing policies and solutions which minimise the adverse health effects of road transport in a manner which is economically, socially and politically viable. It is recognised that while many of the future solutions will be of an international nature, others will be determined locally. The objective is to develop resources and expertise on making urban transportation efficient while controlling the adverse health effects of road transport in as integrated a manner as possible and wide dissemination of this knowledge.
1.Focus on applied research in the following areas: (a) Public transit planning, (b) Design and optimization with special focus on BRT, (c) Integration of urban planning, traffic flow, use of ITS, impacts/benefits to environment including non-motorised transport,  (d)  Traffic safety factors in urban areas.
2.Carry out applied research of an interdisciplinary nature in collaboration with Departments and Centres at IITD, and work with policy makers and professionals in cities. 
3.Strengthen the existing programme at TRIPP, Civil Engineering Department, and other associated departments and centres, upgrade necessary laboratory facilities at TRIPP, Civil Engineering Department, and other associated Department or Centre at IITD.
4.Establish three faculty Chairs in the areas of, (a) Urban transport and traffic planning, (b) Urban transport and environment, (c) Urban traffic safety.
5.To provide technical assistance to the Ministry in its functions in the field of urban transport.
6.To provide advice to the state and local government agencies in matters related to urban transport.
7.To develop and offer Education Programmes in the field of Urban Transportation so as to enhance the size of available human resource pool in the country, and to develop and offer short-term training Programmes in the field of Urban Transportation for in-service officials from the government and industry.
8.To organize knowledge management activities through a series of workshops, seminars and other learning activities. 
9.To undertake research in the Urban Transport sector with general interest for the sector and MOUD’s specific requirements. 
10.To publish research papers and monograms both in the paper as well as in the digitized form. 

The Centre of Excellence at IIT Delhi (TRIPP) will form part of a collaborative network set up by Ministry of Urban Development in support of its programme on urban transport at the national level. 
As per the original proposal MoUD grant was used for the following:

1 Strengthen (both in terms of numbers as well as breadth) academic teaching programmes
    Current M.Tech programe in Transportation Engineering has been expanded  to include Architecture and Planning background students. Ph.D. programme has got a major boost ( at least 20 registered part time and full time)because of student fellowships.

2Develop new areas of activity where expertise is currently lacking
    Research projects in urban freight modeling, Life cycle cost assessment of urban bus and  metro and pedestrian risk modeling in urban area, thermal comfort in non ac bus and helmets have been initiated. 

3Improve infrastructure and facilities
    New committee room/class room has been established with audio visual facilities.

4Endowment fund for Chairs and seed funds for ongoing work
    Two chairs have been established and appointed.  Third to be notified in the current fiscal year.

5Fellowships for postgraduate students    
Ten fellowships notified and awarded annually since 2011.

6 Modular building space to expand with the activities    
    State of the art Transport Planning lab with planning softwares established at TRIPP IITD. 

7Support for visiting experts from India and abroad (including post doctoral fellows)    
    Visiting faculty and invited TRIPP lecture annually have been supported.
8 Infrastructure and equipment
    Existing traffic lab has been upgraded with speed measuring devices and VBox for improving measurement of speeds in urban areas.


Following New Research Projects have been initiated with additional funding from other sources.
(a)Promoting Low Carbon Transport in Indian cities; (b) Integration of access, mobility, safety and environmental policies; (c) Public health impacts in Urban environments of Greenhouse gas Emissions reduction strategies (PURGE); (d) Air flow in motorcycle helmets and analysing effect of evaporation on comfort and motorcycle helmet design for children;  (e) Study of Community Design for Traffic Safety in India; (f) Smartphone application acceptability and its impact on driving behavior of drivers in Delhi;  (g) Driver behavior study in India; (h) Characterization of body soft tissues for development of human body model;  (i) Development of toolkit on public transport and accessibility; (j) Development of toolkit on road safety and safety audits (k) Development of Urban Road Guidelines(l) Study of laws and legislations for Traffic Safety and National and state level.

Upgradation of Traffic and Transport laboratory:

Following softwares have been procured for M.Tech and Ph.D. students: 

M.Tech level courses have been floated for M.Tech in Transportation Engineering and Diploma in Metro Technology sponsored by DMRC.

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