Research Project

Revamping the Passenger and Traffic Flow at IGI Airport

Geetam Tiwari

Project Details

Scope of work

1. Study of existing problems related to circulation conflicts between passengers and parked motor vehicles at arrival and departure terminals (domestic and international terminals).
2. Redesign of arrival and departure circulation for pedestrians and vehicles based on existing and future demand (domestic terminal 1B, domestic arrival terminal and international arrival and departure wings).


TRIPP, IIT Delhi has undertaken an in-depth study of the traffic flow at the IGI airport. The suggested changes involve redesigning of both the Arrival and Departure wings of the terminal to ensure a smooth, conflict-free, flow of traffic and pedestrians. These changes have been made to accommodate the likely increase in air-traffic in the future. The suggested innovations would include modifications to already existing structures where possible.
The approaches to and departures from the airport would be designed to ensure a snarl free traffic flow with dedicated lanes, pull-in bays and parking(long and short term) lots for cars, taxis, buses, and three-wheelers. Segregation will prevent conflict between moving and parked vehicles and pedestrians. Lighting, drainage and other such services have been suitably incorporated in the total layout. Clear signages and information systems will make for well-informed mobility.
Clearly defined spaces will be available for different activities. The convenience of the end-users have been kept in mind in deciding the specific locations of dormitories, toilets, canteens, kiosks, left-luggage rooms, etc. The meet-and-greet points, the
placement of the lounges and its entrances and exists will prevent any bottleneck from forming between the waiting visitors and the incoming and outgoing pedestrian crossings with convenient access to trolleys and wheelchairs. All pedestrian paths and ramps will have trolley and wheelchair friendly gradients.
Electronic sensors will monitor the waiting time of parked vehicles in the drop-off area of the departure wing. There will be separate long and short term parking lots for cars, buses, taxis, etc. Luggage trolleys will be available at convenient locations for passengers and their stacking and retrieval made easy. The access and speeds of all vehicular traffic will be regulated to ensure a safe, conflict-free, flow.

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