Research Project

Development of Guidelines for Establishment of Safety and Emission Standards of Relevance for Automobile Industry

Dinesh Mohan and Geetam Tiwari

Project Details

Scope of Work

Evaluation of the procedures followed in establishing safety and emission standards for the automobile industry In India. Comparison of these procedures with those followed in selected OECD countries. Development of guidelines suitable for the Indian context for future implementation specifically on the issues of Auto dippers, Seat belt, Euro-II norms, Diesel vs petrol controversy, immediate conversion of diesel buses to CNG.


The present scenario makes it imperative that we examine our law making scenario and suggest alternate and more logical methods which would benefit both the industry and the general public.

The procedure which should be followed for establishing a safety and emission standards will be based on:

  • Multidisciplinary accident investigation studies to determine factors involved in fatal and non-fatal crashes

  • Ranking of types of fatal and non fatal crashes according to frequency of occurrence. Selection of crash types for development of countermeasures in the long and short term

  • Estimation of environmentally harmful emissions due to motor vehicles in a given region and determination of the source of each pollutant by vehicle type and fleet composition

  • Ranking of types of pollutants according to concentration of occurrence and degree of health risk. Selection of pollutant types according to the period over which the harmful health effects take place

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