Research Project

Gujarat ORET Prevention Project - Study on the Aetiology of Traffic Accidents and Injuries

Dinesh Mohan and Geetam Tiwari

Project Details


TNOprevention and health are consultants to the prevention component of the ORET project. They have carried out two missions in Gujarat to identify the needs in the area of prevention interventions as part of ORET project. The missions identified several issues related to health care capacity and utilisation related to Reproductive and child health and injuries and accidents through field observation, discussions and stakeholder meetings. As a result of the missions it is felt that further in-depth studies (surveys) are needed to understand and quantify the needs and resources in the selected area of Saberkantha district. The mission report gives details of the three studies proposed by the TNO team. Details of these studies are given below.

TNO team has requested help in providing technical guidance and implementation of these studies. This proposal gives outline of the mechanism for carrying out these studies and the estimated budget for it.

Study objectives and scope of work:

The study objectives and scope of work are adapted from the description in the Mission Report Gujarat II Pages. 32-36 and is given below. If required some modification in the study description and details will be done when detailed design is prepared.

Based on the conclusions of the mission and in close collaboration with the Government of Gujarat health care officials a plan of action for the research studies was developed. The plan of action includes three studies is as given below:

1. Health care capacity survey;

2. Health care utilisation survey;

3. Aetiology of traffic accidents and injuries survey.

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