Research Project

Guidelines for Design of Ambulance for Indian Conditions

Dinesh Mohan, Rajesh Patel and Mathew Varghese

Project Details


The broad objective of this project was to develop design guidelines for an ambulance to suit the need of different hospitals of India with optimum features as per current international trends.


National and International literature on ambulance designs and latest trends in pre-hospital care system was compiled and studied. All available photographs and video clippings on ambulance design from advanced countries was studied

Visits was made to different hospitals of Delhi (four) and Indore (two) and ambulances in use was studied from the perspective of functionality, comfort, safety and aesthetic.

Tentative Design Guideline for the new Ambulance

Based on the information collected so far from different sources it was recommended to include following items in the new ambulance.

              Essential Items

  1. Three types of stretchers (to be developed)

  2. Trolley type: More details on the same is being procured from the Indian manufacturer based at Madras

  3. Scoop type: To be developed by us.

  4. Foldable type: The most appropriate one to be selected from whatever available in the Indian market.

  5. Portable medicine kit and a storage space for the same in ambulance: This will be developed once the list of all essential items/medicines to be kept inside is prepared by us. The final list will be ready by second week of October.

  6. Provision of oxygen cylinder/s.

  7. Adjustable hook strip for suspending IV fluid/blood bottles.

  8. Suction pump.

  9. Lighting system with 1 or 2 lights on sides, 2 lights on rear for better illumination of work area at night. This can be a low cost strong selling feature of the new ambulance.

  10. Flasher and siren system: It is advised to collect the information at your end about the different products available in the market at this stage, so that suitable products can be short listed before prototype making.

  11. Wash basin

  12. Dust bin

  13. Seating arrangement for paramedics and patient’s relatives.

    Add on Items

  1. Invertor based power backup system.

  2. Defibrillator unit for heart patients.

  3. ECG monitor.

  4. Intubation equipment.

  5. Communication equipments (two way radio?)

  6. Fire extinguisher

  7. Fan/s

  8. Foldable wheel chair

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