Research Project

Road Safety Audit of Noida Bridge Project

Dinesh Mohan, Sandeep Gandhi and Anvita Anand

Project Details


The DNDF is a 6-km stretch of 4-lane highway connecting Delhi and Noida. The interface points are near Ashram Chowk on the Ring Road at the Delhi end and main Noida road on the Noida end. It crosses over the Yamuna and its adjoining grazing fields. The Toll Plaza for revenue collection is situated almost 4 Km from the Delhi end. Almost immediately after the operationalization of the DNDF, a number of accidents were reported over the stretch, causing justifiable concern to the Noida Toll Bridge Authority. This concern has necessitated a detailed safety audit of the DNDF, conducted by the Transportation research and Injury prevention Program (TRIPP) at IIT, Delhi.


The methodology followed for this audit has been as follows:

  • Detailed visual survey of the entire stretch of the DNDF, with reference to the CAD drawings of the same.

  • Identification of problem areas over the stretch, supported by illustrations.

  • Comprehensive review of the relevant literature and standards. Reference numbers are indicated in parenthesis with the text.

  • Recommendations for safety countermeasures for the unsafe designs.

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