Research Project

Urban traffic demand management strategies: Impact on congestion pollution and mobility (women scientist project of Ms. Ranjana Soni)

Geetam Tiwari and Ranjana Soni

Project Details

Aims and Objective:

The aim of the current study is to analyse the Traffic Demand management strategies(ODD and EVEN,car free day) on pollution, congestion and mobility levels. The study will be carried out in Gurugram, haryana and will include observational studies to analyse the traffic speed data available from secondary sources (google congestion mapping) merging it with location specific primary surveys and using Geographical Information System (GIS) Arc/GIS 10 for spatial analysis.The project aims at developing a methodology and a smart tool kit forassessing integrated impact on mobility, congestion and pollution in cities and effectiveness of TDM measures for addressing urban congestion, pollution and mobility concerns.

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