Research Project

SDG Oriented Planning and Design For Small(Neglected) Cities And Community Participation

Geetam Tiwari, Dinesh Mohan, Sudipto Mukherjee and Girish Agrawal

Project Details


To provide guidance to three cities –Patiala, Bulandshahar, Nainital (population less than 1,000,000) for the following:

1) Identification of major traffic safety problems in the cities. (Documentation of travel patterns and traffic safety issues).

2) Prioritization of possible interventions in consultation with local stakeholders.

3) Initiate discussion with local and state level stakeholders to integrate traffic and safety issues with sustainable development goals (SDG 3 and 11).

4) Publication of three city reports  -  SDG and traffic Safety in cities.

Following aspects have been completed/in progress, and are linked to the respective Sustainable Development Goals: 

1) Accidents Mapping and High Crash Locations Analysis (SDG Target 3.6, 11.2)

2) Pilot Corridor Re-design (SDG Target 3.6, 11.2)

3) Junction Improvement (SDG Target 3.6,11.2)

4) Street Design Guidelines (SDG Target 3.6,11.2)

5) Public Transport and Accessibility (SDG Target 3.6, 11.2)

6) Air Pollution Monitoring (SDG Target 11.6)

7) Public Exhibition on SDGs (All SDGs)

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