Research Project

Road Safety Inspection of Identified Blackspots and Travelling Workshop

G.Tiwari, D.Mohan, K.R. Rao, K.N. Jha and S. Mukherjee

Project Details

Objective: Uttar Pradesh government has been working to reduce traffic crashes on all roads. In this context the UPPWD has identified 203 blackspots in selected districts.  Methodology for safety inspection and audit of these spots for preparing site specific observations and recommendations will be finalised. 
Field Safety Inspection: The travelling participants (at least 6 field engineers nominated by UP PWD and 4 academic experts) will travel on selected highway corridor. Field audit will be conducted on selected stretches of the highway corridor by this team.

Lecture cum Discussion Session: A three-hour discussion session will be organised in Delhi, Moradabad, Agra, and Lucknow to conclude the workshop. Discussion session will preceded by an expert lecture on an important topic of Road Safety. 

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