Research Project

Centre of Excellence (COE) for Advance Data Management System for Highways (ADMS-Highways)

Geetam Tiwari, K Ramachandra Rao, Kumar Neeraj Jha, Aravind Krishna Swamy, Manoj M. and Anoop K N Mana

Project Details


NHAI proposes to set up a COE at IIT Delhi for highway data management systems which will focus on advance analytics, modelling, simulations and predictions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on- project management work flows & alerts; possible litigations & disputes; traffic & tolling revenue growth; road safety & better incident management and other such issues decided by NHAI & IIT, using huge data from NHAI Data Lake.

Objectivities and Scope

The proposed CoE at IIT Delhi will focus its activities to meet the following objectives:

•To assist NHAI on advance analytics based on AI and ML on identified thrust areas
•To assist NHAI prepare simulation models on identified thrust areas
•To assist NHAI enhance data storage and retrieval capacities
•To enable NHAI toward data-driven decision making

Based on the current data availability at NHAI the COE will focus on the following thrust areas. Thrust areas may be revised in consultation with the COE advisory committee.

Thrust Areas

•Network Traffic Demand and Incident Management
•Highway Safety
•Highway Workzone Management
•Highway Pavement Management System
•Project Management
•Data Management and Machine Learning

Current Project


Project title

Project Charges


A system for organising and searching all digitised data at NHAI

Prof. Maya Ramnath


Multi-objective optimization of Highway Projects using Machine Learning and Data-Driven Modeling

Prof.Anoop Krishnan


Machine learning assisted highway demand assessment, incident detection, and analysis using structured and unstructured NHAI data

Prof. Manoj M


An approach towards creating a safe traffic work zone environment on National Highways



Empirical Assessment of Schedule, Cost, Quality, and Safety Performances of Various Contracts of NHAI and Development of a Decision Support Framework to Improve the Performances



Limit all proposals to 2 years initially. To be extended after review.

Organisational Structure for CoE ADMS for Highways

Advisory Board




IIT Delhi Director, Chairman NHAI

External member 1 (NHAI nominee)

Prof. Rajat Moona, IIT Bhilai

External member 2 (IITD nominee)

Prof.Bhargab Maitra, IIT Kharagpur, Prof. S.K.Mishra, IIT Kanpur

Internal member 1 (NHAI nominee)

Mr.R.K.Pandey (member Finance)

Mr. Akhilesh Srivastava

Internal member 2  (IITD nominee)

Prof. S. Banerjee/ Prof. A.K.Gosain


Dean RnD

Coordination Committee




Dean RnD, IIT Delhi, member Finance, NHAI

Expert members(IITD, Research Institutes, NHAI)

Proposed names from IIT Delhi:

Prof. Anoop Krishnan


Prof. K.N.Jha

Prof. Aravind Swamy


Prof.Chetan Arora


from NHAI:

Mr.Akhilesh Srivastava


Prof. G. Tiwari

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